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A blog for those men who can skin a bear, build a cabin, and use the manners of a gentleman at an elegant dinner.

Holiday motion boards meant to give a special treat for the season of joy.

Crush Crash is a company that informs and excites everyday people to learn surfing and skateboarding. It's about having fun on and with boards. Check out the Crush Crash video here!

CalArts T-Shirt designs, 2008-2012

Jack H. Skirball Film/Video Series

Practical Plinth Show
Designed with Masato Nakada

Sun Valley Poster
Ski Mountain Map for Idaho

Reverend Billy & The Life After Shopping Gospel Choir
designed with Zach Roberson

John Hollenbeck Ensemble

Between Displacement and Nostalgia
Designed with Jazmyn Faulkner

Healthy Hipsters is a group founded by Andelee, Becky, and I during October of 2011. We decided that the lifestyle we were living in our studio at school was unhealthy and we wanted to make changes that would affect our ideas about food and the way we exercised our bodies.

All together we designed 2 publications, had a compost, made helpful videos about health, and made a book compiling all of our discoveries along the way.

Hipstercise is a program we created for dancing, moving, stretching, and exercising. We would turn on music and invite anyone in the school to join us on Wednesday's nights in the Brad Pitt Room near our studio.

Become a Healthy Hipster with us!

Posters and spreads designed in Fall 2011 and Spring 2012

Exculpation is an informing and instructional guide for the scholarly inmate. This is a magazine directed towards businessmen whose businesses have gone awry because of money infringement, laundering, and other money scandals.

With sections on Business, Law, Mind, Body, Arts, and Reentry, this publication not only informs the reader of their lawful rights, it keeps them current on the latest business trends and world transactions. This is the perfect magazine for the businessman-inmate who is inexperienced in the prison world and desires to get back to "business as usual".

Designed in April, 2012