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Hi, I'm Andrea,
nice to meet you.

I have over 15 years as an accomplished researcher, designer and producer of immersive collaborative experiences such as: Lead AR for smartphone audio tours, creating an alt powered sound installation via Target, and creating new solutions to navigating our healthcare system. I am looking for remote work in UX Research, or I am willing to relocate from NY. 


Feel free to contact me via email:

or message me on LinkedIn.


How I got started in user research

I have always been interested in sound, listening, ethnography, and the environment as a participant and as an educator. I'm motivated to listen deeply and help people by creating better designs to improve their daily life. My work in user research began with my interest in acoustic ecology, the study of the soundscape and how humans shape the soundscape. I helped create the first open source Soundmap of NYC with the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology in 2004. I also have traveled to places like the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil in 2006 to listen and record the sounds of animals but also the sound memories and favorite sounds of community members through interviews to try to understand and convey the importance of the rainforest through multimedia storytelling.


I have about 15 years of working on research and design projects such as with Target and Craigslist. I went back to school and received my PhD in Electronic Arts with a dissertation, "Soundwalking: Creating Stewardship for Local Waterways." I was the Lead Researcher & AR Designer of the Riverfront Park Soundwalk AR audio tour located along the Hudson River in Troy, NY that aims to help connect community members and commuters to the Hudson River. The project integrated ethnographic research & interviews and sound design into the development of iterations, analysis, prototypes, usability studies, and a final product. It was launched as part of a solo exhibit at the Hart Cluett Museum, Troy, NY in 2016. 84% of 100 users responded a clear “Yes” that they felt more connected to the Hudson River via the AR soundwalk. In 2021, I completed a UX Portfolio Certificate via the Interaction Design Foundation to organize and share some of my UX case studies, including Riverfront Park Soundwalk.  

What I've been working on 

I just taught a course (virtually) called Critical Issues in Deep Listening at Virginia Commonwealth University to undergraduates. It involved a lot of strategic curriculum planning, course design and delivery, along with research into sound, recording technologies, deep listening skills, and the fostering of the development of empathy for each other and the earth. Also, I've been researching and exploring ways to de-politicize the climate change issue as most people I know love the earth and want to see it thrive though they might vote for different political parties at the ballot. 

What I'm curious about


I am curious about the small joys that we can find in life and amplifying them. When I am not working, I can be found hiking, taking or leading mindful soundwalks, and just generally being a forest creature in Upstate NY.

Touching the clouds on a mountaintop.

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